· Verify the image folder path and Drupal path in the AutomationServices.Server.config file at:
C: \Program Files\Quark\Automation Services for QPS - Server\AutomationServices_Data\Resources\Configuration
<section name='Drupal'>
<entry key='server'></entry>
<entry key='port'></entry>
<entry key='scriptRelativeUri'>drupal/quark/automationservices/uploadcontent</entry>
<entry key='imageFolderPath'></entry>
<entry key='userName'></entry>
<entry key='password'></entry>

· To confirm the path of the image folder:
By default, when Drupal is hosted through Apache, Drupal creates a folder name htdocs in the Apache installation folder. The image folder location in this configuration file should be the exact path of the htdocs folder (apache 2.2\htdocs\image folder path).

· How to confirm the Drupal configuration:
To confirm the Drupal path:
· Log on to Drupal.
· Browse to: Administrator> Content Management> Content> Quark Automation Services content uploader.
· Right click Quark Automation Services Content Uploader and open it in a new window.
· Make sure the path in the configuration file is same as the one in the URL.

· Reset IIS.

· Launch QPS Connect Client.