In Oracle a cursor is opened when an SQL statement is executed. The error occurs because the number of cursors needed by QPS exceeds the allowed number defined in the pfile/spfile of Oracle database. You can increase the value of the Oracle cursors parameter, 'open_cursor,' to allow more cursors to be open at one time.

  • If using spfile for Database, then log into Oracle Database as sys user and execute the following command at the SQL prompt:

    Alter system set open_cusors=2000 scope=both;
  • If using pfile for Database, then login as sys user and use the following command to temporarily change the value of ‘open_cursors’:

    Alter system set open_cursors=2000 scope=memory;

To permanently change this value, edit the pfile and change the value of ‘open_cursors’ parameter to 2000. Restart the database and Platform Server and the problem should be corrected.