In QPS 7, Style Sheet information is stored in an file called a Job Jacket. The Job Jacket file contains a Job Ticket that references all QuarkXPress resources. These resources include XPress Preferences information, Style Sheets, Colors, and other information pertinent to a QuarkXPress layout. In QPS 7, you can use the Job Jacket file to include the resources at the main Category or Subcategory level.

A Job Jacket is created in QuarkXPress 7. If you have questions on how to create a Job Jacket, please see 'Guide to QuarkXPress.pdf,' which is located in the Documents folder of your QuarkXPress 7 folder. You can also review the QPS User Guide for more information on how to assign a Job Jacket under the topic, 'Controlling QXP Preferences with Job Jackets.' If you need assistance in creating or setting up a Job Jacket or Job Ticket, please contact Quark Enterprise Support.

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