In Single Application mode, all the requests related to the Admin and are document specific are taken care of by QuarkXPress Server itself. However, if you are running QuarkXPress Server in Master-Subrenderer mode, all the Admin requests are taken by the Master and the layout-specific requests are handled by the Subrenderer.
There are two different ways to run in Master – Subrender mode:

  1. Launching by Keepalive.bat: In this case, if the Subrenderer crashes, then the .bat file restarts both the Master and the Subrenderer without administrator interaction.
  2. Launching by using a parameter “-monitorsubrenders”: In this case if a Subrenderer is found to be hung, or if there is no change in memory during this time period, the Master kills the Subrenderer process, which then relaunches automatically. The value should be specified in the QuarkXPressServer.config file in

    COMMANDLINE= -subrenders 2 -monitorsubrenders –queryinterval 600 –noofretries 20 –recycle

Note: The meaning of the other values in the COMMANDLINE entry:

Queryinterval: The time in seconds before sending the next request to the Subrenderer.
Noofretries: Number of Retries sets the Subrenderer before restarting the process.
Recycle: This will restart the process if it goes into a hung state.