To customize a Subrenderer to meet load balancing requirements, use the following steps.

  1. Launch QuarkXPress Server in Master Subrenderer mode.
  2. Render either of the following requests:


  1. This will create a file with the name “LoadBalancerConfig.” in the QuarkXPress Server Preferences Folder (For an example of this file, please see the file attached to this solution).
  2. If you only have the two default Subrenderers that ship as a part of QPS, you will not be able to change the tasking for each Subrenderer. One Subrenderer will be assigned to WebHub requests, and one will be dedicated to handle Preview Generation requests. However, if you have purchased QuarkXPress Server separately with additional Subrenderers, then you can configure the number Subrenderers to handle specific rendering requests. For example, If you have four subrenders, you can configure three of them in the newly created file to handle Preview Generation and one of them to handle WebHub requests.
  3. If you have already created a LoadBalancerConfig. file, you can simply edit the file to match your load balancing needs.
  4. Once you have set your Subrenderer values, save the file and restart QuarkXPress Server.

In a core QuarkXPress Server environment, where QPS is not involved, a load balancing operation occurs within Subrenderers of a QuarkXPress Server by default. However, in a QPS 7.4 environment, these Subrenderers are used by QPS in such a manner that, for the base configuration of two Subrenderers, one is exclusively used for Web Hub purposes and the other for Preview Generation. In a case where QuarkXPress Server has been purchased over and above the base QPS configuration and is running with four Subrenderers, then two Subrenderers would normally be dedicated for WebHub requests and two for Preview generation. One can, however, customize the number of Subrenderers allocated to Preview Generation and WebHub to support specific rendering tasks for current load balancing requirements.