While this is not supported directly in the namespace, you can do the same thing by finding the Layout Properties defined in the Publication's Job Jacket.

To check the Layout Properties in the Job Jacket file of a QuarkXPress project, and to obtain the Jab Jacket, use the following URL:


Note: The Job Jacket parameter was introduced in QuarkXPress Server 7.22 and can be used for that and all subsequent versions.

After requesting the URL above, a file by the name “test.” would be saved in the document pool, which is the Job Jacket file. In the JJ file you will find a tag name
qxp:LayoutSpec, which has all the information related to Layout Specifications.


<qxp:LayoutSpec ID='LayoutSpecifications_1' Name='Layout 1' Status='Available' BindingLength=' BindingSide=' BindingType=' BottomMargin='12.7 mm' BottomPageBleed=' ColorStandard=' Crossover=' InputFormat=' LeftMargin='12.7 mm' LeftPageBleed=' PageCount=' PageHeight='222 mm' PageOrientation='Portrait' PageWidth='222 mm' RightMargin='12.7 mm' RightPageBleed=' Spreads=' TopMargin='12.7 mm' TopPageBleed='>


<qxp:MasterPage ID='MasterPage_1' Name='A-Master A' Status='Available' BottomMargin='12.7 mm' Columns='1' Default=' FacingPages=' GutterWidth='4.233 mm' LeftMargin='12.7 mm' RightMargin='12.7 mm' TopMargin='12.7 mm'/>