Useful for:

Installation and setup of Quark Author
Troubleshooting Author startup issues


Follow these steps to ensure Author installs correctly as an Add-on for Microsoft Word.

  1. Microsoft Word should be completely shut down before you install Quark author.
  2. Because Microsoft Word can be used by Outlook for advanced Email editing, MS Outlook and all its services should be completely shut down to prevent an incomplete installation of Quark Author.
  3. Once you have shut down MS Word and Outlook, reboot your computer to shut down any Word or Outlook services that may be running in the background.
  4. To install Quark Author, launch setup.exe.

More Information:

Quark Author is different from most applications in that, while other applications are installed and configured after installation, Quark Author is configured before installation and then installed. Once installed, no further configuration of the application is necessary.