Background: When QuarkXPress cannot access files that it created during a previous launch, such as any of the XPress Preferences or other Preferences files, it most frequently indicates either a damaged XPress Preferences file itself or a permissions issue on the affected computer. In both cases, QuarkXPress will need to build new XPress Preferences files. There are two possible ways to do this.

Solution 1:

If updating to QuarkXPress 9 does not solve the problem
, try rebuilding the default XPress Preferences. To do so, quit QuarkXPress, navigate to Hard Drive/Users/Current User/Library/Preferences/Quark, rename the 'QuarkXPress 9' folder to 'Old_QuarkXPress 9', and then relaunch QuarkXPress. A new set of preferences files will be generated

For 10.7.x & 10.8.x:

(On the Finder window, please press and hold the 'option' key (marked ALT) and on the menu bar, at the top, select Go to view the User Library)

If this does not work, try one of the procedures below:

Solution 2:

Error message displays at launch

If this does not work, please navigate to [Drive]/Applications/QuarkXPress 9.x. Search for a 'Preferences' folder and rename it to 'Old Preferences'. If the 'Preferences' folder is not present, create a new folder and name it “Preferences” (with an upper-case “P”).

When you are finished, re-launch QuarkXPress 9.x

Solution 3:

Error message displays at picture import

To avoid this issue, make sure there are no special characters (such as these: .:*?|#) in the picture file's pathname.

Solution 4:

Error message displays at print

Launch the Printer Setup utility and designate any other available printer as the default printer and print the layout again. If the message still displays, or if no other printer is available, install a virtual printer (see 'How to create a virtual printer') and designate this printer as the default printer.

If this fails, append the layout into a different project (see 'Appending a layout into a new project') or perform a thumbnail drag on the layout (see 'Performing a thumbnail drag').