The key point to remember when working with Libraries in QuarkXPress is that they are simply QuarkXPress documents that have no 'skin' on them. Libraries hold objects that contain content, but there is no user interface to manipulate the objects within them.

When you add objects to a Library, copies of the items are placed in the Library and displayed as thumbnails. The original items are not removed from the layout. To add entries to an open Library:

  1. Select the Item tool.

  2. Select the items or group of items to place in the Library. To select multiple items, press the Shift key while clicking them. However, if you select multiple items, they will be saved in the Library as one 'grouped' entry and not as individual items.

  3. Drag the items or group into the Library and release the mouse button when the Library pointer displays. The Library entry is placed between the arrow icons.

To remove a Library entry on Mac OS, click it and choose Edit > Clear, Edit > Cut, or press Delete. To remove an entry from a library on Windows:

  1. Display the Library palette.

  2. In the Library palette, go to Edit > Delete or Edit > Cut.

To create a Library:

  1. Go to File > New > Library

    Note: When you create a new Library, it stays open until you manually close it. When you launch QuarkXPress, any Library palettes that were previously open are reopened automatically and placed in the default Library positions.

  2. Use the controls in the dialog box to specify a location for the new Library file.

  3. Enter a name for the Library in the Library Name/File Name field.

  4. Click Create.

To give each of your library entries a unique name:

  1. Double-click a library entry to display the Library Entry dialog box.

  2. Enter a descriptive name in the Label field or choose one from the Label list. To rename a library entry, enter in a new label or choose a different label from the list.

  3. Click OK.

When you click the close box on a Library palette, QuarkXPress automatically saves changes made to the library. If you prefer, you can use the Auto Library Save feature to save each change on the fly. To enable Auto Library Save:

  1. Go to QuarkXPress (Mac) or Edit (Windows) > Preferences.

  2. Click Save in the list on the left to display the Save pane.

  3. Check Auto Library Save.

  4. Click OK.