Background: There are several reasons text re-flow can occur. In some cases, this problem has been reported by customers when the Font Cache on the Mac OS is full or corrupted. In these cases, simply deleting the Font Cache will address the issue. In other cases, a very old legacy font used in a file does not behave as expected when loaded through the new Unicode and OpenType compliant text engine of QuarkXPress 9. If text re-flows because the font is simply too old to conform to the newer standard, the only way to address the problem is to update the font to a newer version. In yet other cases, text re-flow occurs because the project or layout is damaged and needs to be repaired. Added to all these cases is the fact that QuarkXPress text flow code has been updated in almost every major release and in several minor releases so that it conforms to best typographic practices. It may be that the older version of the text flow engine was actually flowing text incorrectly, and QuarkXPress 9 is simply correcting the text flow errors from an earlier version. Any or all of these variables can affect how text will flow in QuarkXPress 9, and each case will likely need to be run through careful troubleshooting.

Depending on the variables described in the Background section of this article, the solution for text re-flow may differ in each customer scenario. Therefore, while we offer the following solutions, you may find that, after trying all of these solutions, you may not be able to completely resolve your text re-flow issue. If this is the case, please contact Quark Technical Support for assistance.

Solution 1:
This problem can sometimes be caused by a corrupt font or a corrupt font cache (Mac OS only). To fix a corrupt font issue, reinstall the font in question, either from the original medium or from another computer on which the document does not reflow.

Solution 2:
If the re-flow problem seems to be occurring with a specific QuarkXPress project or layout, you can attempt to repair it by Appending the layouts into a new project. If this does not work, try doing a “Thumbnail Drag” on the project. For instructions on how to do a Thumbnail Drag, please go the Knowledge Base article entitled, “Performing a thumbnail drag.'

Solution 3:
Ensure that all computers in your workgroup are using the same versions of fonts. Font manufacturers often update their fonts, and in doing so will sometimes make changes in font metrics.

Solution 4:
If your text re-flow problem seems to be an issue of working with a newer text flow code when you open a legacy file, you may want to take a closer look at the original file to see if the text flow may have some inherent problems before opening in the current version of QuarkXPress. In many cases this may be a “judgment call,” but consultation with a Tech Support representative may help clarify the problem and the reason for the text re-flow.