Background: This error message is generated when the user does not have sufficient permissions to the QuarkXPress folder. This can be resolved by resetting the Permissions for the QuarkXPress folder using the following procedure.

  1. Go to Mac HD\ Applications\ QuarkXPress folder.

  2. Press Command I or click on the File > Get Info on the Finder. This displays a window named 'QuarkXPress Info'.

  3. Expand Sharing and Permissions. You would see your login name under the Owner option. If you cannot change any of these settings and everything is grayed out, click on the 'Padlock' symbol in front of the Owner name. (This would allow you to make the changes).

  4. Change the settings as:

    • Owner: (The Admin user who logged in)

      • Access: Read and Write.

    • Group: Select > staff (me) from the drop down.

      • Access: select > Read and Write.

    • Others: Select > Read and Write.

    • Now change the owner back as System.

  5. Now click on 'Apply to enclosed items' at the bottom of this window. You would get a warning message; click 'OK'.

  6. Try launching QuarkXPress from the default location.