Permissions (Mac) and Privileges (Windows) of the user at time of installation can have a huge impact on an application’s

ability to function as designed. In this particular case, the problem occurs when the permissions applied to the Profiles folder located in the Required Components folder of the QuarkXPress folder are restricted. The permissions applied to this folder allow access only to the creator of the profile (the machine administrator) and none to other OS X accounts that have User-only permissions. As a result, the QuarkXPress default color profiles are not installed. This was causing print jobs to fail. To fix this permissions problem, follow one of the procedures outlined below.

1. Go to Mac Hdd\ Users\ Current User\ Library\ Preferences\ Quark and rename the QuarkXPress 9 folder, which contains the XPress Preferences file, as Old QuarkXPress 9. (Always rename the folder so that if required you can always revert back to your old preferences)

2. Go to Mac Hdd\ Applications\ QuarkXPress 9\ Required Components\ Profiles and copy all files from there

3. Go to Mac\ Library\ ColorSync\ Profiles and paste the files

For 10.7.x & 10.8.x:

On the Finder window, please press and hold the 'option' key (marked ALT) and on the menu bar, at the top, select Go to view the User Library