The non-PostScript print engine in QuarkXPress 7 and 8 functions somewhat differently than in earlier versions of QuarkXPress. In older versions of the non-PostScript print engine, each 'page picture' was rendered in an off-screen virtual draw space using drawing routines similar to those used for rendering a page on screen. This draw information was then rendered and sent to the non-PostScript device.

In versions 7 and 8 on the Mac side, QuarkXPress prints to PostScript, and the Mac OS X print engine converts it to a “PDF bitmap” via CUPS (Common Unix Printing System).

NOTE!!: This is not the same procedure as that used for printing to a PostScript device going through the CUPS path.

On the Windows side, PostScript for a page is rendered through the Quark X-Draw engine and routed through the PCL print engine. If the page rendering is larger than the largest printable area for a non-PostScript device, the device may, depending on the manufacturer, be unable to print the job. This has been reported so far for Epson non-PostScript printers, but may also occur with other non-PostScript printers.


  1. Go to File > Print and click on the Printer button to display the driver dialog for the non-PostScript printer.

  2. Go to the Tab at the center of the window and select “Paper Handling.”

  3. Check the “Scale to fit paper size” option.

  4. Click Print to return to the QuarkXPress Print dialog, and click Print to send the print job to the printer.