Applies to :

Platform Adapter 2015



The below error message appears as soon as the user tries to save the Excel document to the Server.

Error: System.Exception ---> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Library not registered. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8002801D (TYPE_E_LIBNOTREGISTERED))

   at Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel._Workbook.get_CustomXMLParts()

   at Quark.CMSAdapters.Core.Office.Utilities.UtilityExtensions.GetCustomXMLPart[T](IDocument document, String xmlPartNamespace)

   at Quark.CMSAdapters.Core.Office.Services.DocumentService.<>c__DisplayClass12.<Save>b__d()

   at Quark.CMSAdapters.Core.UtilityExtensions.<>c__DisplayClass2.<ExecuteInSTAThread>b__1()

   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---

   at Quark.QPP.Client.Framework.UI.AppProgressDialog.ShowProgressAsync(DoWorkEventHandler workHandler, Window owner)

   at Quark.CMSAdapters.Core.Office.Services.DocumentService.Save(Dictionary`2 arguments, Boolean saveRevision)




This error occurs due to the conflict between the various components of Microsoft Office installed on the user machine.


Solution :

1. Quit Microsoft Excel.

2. Click Start and then in the Run prompt , please type "Regedit".

3. Delete the “2.8” registry key that is under [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\{2DF8D04C-5BFA-101B-BDE5-00AA0044DE52}]

4. Launch MS Excel and then try to save a document to the QPP Server.



Changes to the Windows registry should be made only under supervision of an IT expert

Back up your Windows registry before making any changes to it