Applies to- QuarkXPress 2017 on both Mac and Windows


Summary and Steps:

QuarkXPress 2017 allows you to export multiple Digital Layouts, of various device sizes, as a single HTML5 package. e.g. You may create layouts for iPad (Vertical and/or Horizontal), then duplicate it using Adaptive Settings to iPhone (V and/or H) etc.


Once exported you publish them all as “HTML5 Publication” to get a folder that contains HTML for all the selected layouts. When published to a web server, the web reader will be responsive and automatically serve the correct HTML based on the device size used to access the website.


To test this, please Shift+Click the  “Preview” button.


Note: You will also see the option to select multiple layouts while uploading to “App Studio” and “Layouts as iOS App”. However, these are still under implementation and you may ignore them for now.