Applies to- QuarkXPress 2017 on both Mac OS and Win OS




QuarkXPress’ tool palette is extended to add more Shape Tools. The new Start tool is an addition to existing to Starburst tool and the new tool group has more default shapes with option to change default shapes powered by Shape Maker utility that already existed in previous versions.



How it works:

Simply use the default tools to draw the shape on the canvas. The default shapes include

– Star, Polygon, Diamond, Triangle, Rounded, Wave, Spiral and Cloud.

Two ways to create the shape, either you can draw with mouse to get desired size shape or do single click to specify exact Width and Height. further the dialog presented on single click provides options to select the preset shapes and positioning of the box creation.

Changing the defaults: for example, if you want to change Star shape to have 8 sides instead of default 5 sides. First select the tool to appear on tool bar and double click on tool icon to change the default. Please note that the tool bar icon won’t change but default shape settings are changed!

There is a reset option to revert to default shapes and you can add to presets to reuse the shape again.