Applies to-   Mac Operating System.



With previous versions of QuarkXPress you could create a global preferences folder by creating it inside the application folder of QuarkXPress. This is not possible anymore, so now you need to create a folder called “Preferences” on the same level as the QX2017 bundle



A single bundle is a special “file” on MacOS that appears as one file, though it is really a folder containing many things.

Have a look at QuarkXPress 8 through 2016 how it differs from QuarkXPress 2017. You can see that MacOS lists QuarkXPress 2017 as an “application” (and not a folder) and also doesn’t show the “uncollapse” icon:





Advantages of QuarkXPress 2017 being a single bundle:


A few notable advantages are:

Users can install, relocate, and remove bundles simply by dragging them around in the Finder.

Bundles are less susceptible to accidental user modifications, such as removal, modification, or renaming of critical resources.

Bundles are less likely to suffer from permission issues


Installing XTensions:

If the XTension (plug-in) you are installing has an installer, then you do not need to worry about this.


If you need to manually install the XTension, then you need to be aware that QuarkXPress 2017 will load third party XTensions from the following two locations:


a) ~/Library/Application Support/Quark/QuarkXPress 2017/XTensions (so “Library” in your User folder)

b) /Library/Application Support/Quark/QuarkXPress 2017/XTensions (the main “Library” folder on your Macintosh folder)




If the XTension is placed in the main Library path, it will be available to all the users on that Mac.

If deployed in the user’s library path, the XTension will only be available to that particular user.

If the same XTension exists in both these locations, then the one in User’s Library location will get the preference.