Applies to- QuarkXPress 2017


Summary: HTML5 Publications and App Studio output now support to include Table of Contents. You can create rich design TOCs and include as part of your digital publication. With this new capability, you no longer need to jump back to beginning of the book/publication to access the TOC. You can open TOC anytime while reading the digital publication.




a. Design the Table of Contents in the same layout the way you want, it can be one or more pages.

b. Define a Section for such TOC pages, using Section start from Page menu. You must specify name for the TOC section that can be referred in the output style while exporting.

c. Please ensure that you start another Section after TOC or create TOC section at the end of the publication.

d. On Export options, you can refer the Section in the output settings. You can select the check box (Include pages in Publication) to include TOC section as part of your publication.


 Output settings dialog for TOC selection: