Title: How to create Multicolor blends in QuarkXPress 2017 ?

Applies to- QuarkXPress 2017 , QuarkXPress 2018

Background: In QuarkXPress 2016 colour Blend palette option was present .From QuarkXPress 2017 and above we have gradient option to blend colour in QuarkXpress project. 


A gradient  is a transition from one color to another. You can use the Gradients palette (Window >Gradients) to create multi-color gradients, specifying the gradient colors, their shades, opacity, the pattern in which they blend, and the angle at which they blend relative to the box or line. A gradientt can contain any colors available in a project.

In QuarkXpress 2017 and above versions, Multicolor blends are enhanced to support following:

  •  Support multi-color blends for Diamond and Rectangular blend types.
  • You can now apply color blends to box frames
  • You can now apply color blends to lines
  • You can now Add blends to Colors (color palette) to reuse the color blends. 


  1. Open the Gradients palette (Window > Gradients).
  2. Select the box(es) or line(s) on the layout you want to apply the gradient to, the gradient will be applied to all selected items.
    • For lines only, click the Line  icon to apply the gradient to just the line.
    • For boxes only, click the Frame  icon to apply the gradient to just the frame of the box .
  3. Click the Background icon  to apply the gradient to the backgound of the item .
  4. Click the Add to Colors icon  to add your created gradient to the colors list for this project. The Edit Gradient dialog displays, allowing you to name your new color gradient. The mixed gradient color you have created will appear on the Colors palette.
    Note: Gradient colors are not available when working in a text box, or if the Text icon is selected on the Colors Palette.
  5. Choose the type of gradient you are creating from the Type drop down menu: None, Axial, Radial, Rectangular or Diamond.
    Note: As soon as you choose a type of gradient, a default gradient is automatically created from two colors: the background color of the item you have selected and black. 
  6. Choosing a gradient also enables and disables the options and controls appropriate to your selection.
  7. You can change the type of gradient at any time. When you change the type of gradient, all colors and options that you have defined will be retained