Feature Description:

QuarkXPress now introduces support for blending colors between two or more overlapping objects. The Colors palette is extended offering these blend effects that work with all QuarkXPress boxes filled with color and images.


 How does transparency blend modes work is given below :

a.    The blends modes are supported on pictures and QuarkXPress boxes (including Frame, Fill and Text colors)

b.    You can also apply blend modes on Text.

i.    When you select Text mode on Color Palette to apply a Blend mode, the entire text in a text box blends with the background. You cannot blend only part of the content. If you need that, please use several text boxes.

ii.    If the text box has a background, it blends with background, you can further apply blend mode to text box background too by choosing box background icon in color palette and apply a blend mode.

iii.    You can also choose to blend a box Frame to blend with the background

c.    By default, RGB blending color space is used and you no longer have option to switch blending color space as seen in previous pre-release builds.

d.    You can apply blend modes on pictures from Image Editing palette and Measurement palette as well.


Transparency Blend Mode options on the Colors palette supported on Frame, Text and Fill: