Title: Can't set Document pool for QuarkXPress Server on Windows Azure service.

Applies to -  Windows

Affects - Use this feature when below error message is received:


message Error #7003 - DocumentRootFolder not valid.

description The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


Commands being used by QuarkXPress Server Cloud Service to set Document Pool on Azure File Service :

1. Creating the Azure File Share :- Open the PowerShell which have been installed Azure modules, execute the following cmdlets in order to create the Azure File Share.


# create a storage context in order to create the FileShare for QXPS

$storagectx=New-AzureStorageContext ${StorageName} ${StorageKey}

Write-Output "$(Get-Date -f $timeStampFormat) - Created the storagecontext : " $storagectx

# create a new share for qxps document pool

$docpoolshare = New-AzureStorageShare ${FileShareName} -Context $storagectx

Write-Output "$(Get-Date -f $timeStampFormat) - DocumentPool has been created on Azure file service"


2. Mapping the Drive :- Go to the machine where QuarkXPress Server has been installed and execute the following command from Cmdline window:

net use ${MappedDrive:} \\${StorageName}.file.core.windows.net\${FileShareName} /u:${StorageName} ${PrimaryAccessKeyOfStorage}


3.Setting the document pool :- After that, you could execute /setprefs?DocumentRootFolder=${MappedDrive:}/


Note: Please note that where ${XXXX} is being used, it indicates the parameterized value, please replace the actual name of the Azure resource while executing the command, for example ${StorageName} means that value “qxps” refers to actual Cloud storage name.