Yes, it is now possible with QuarkXPress 2017 without having Xcode installed on your Mac. Even better, you can request and download single issue iOS app on Windows

platform too. All you need is to have internet connectivity to be able use this free cloud service from QuarkXPress 2017.


You still need to create and upload required Apple certificates and provisioning profiles, etc to build the iOS App, but QuarkXPress 2017 make the process simple with new Export as iOS App feature.


Prerequisites to build iOS App.

1. Apple developer account to build the iOS Apps

2. Create Apple ID and Bundle ID using iTunes Connect for the iOS App you want to build

3. Create Distribution and Developer certificates using your Apple developer account

4. Create Distribution and Developer provisioning profiles, again using Apple developer account

5. Create graphic files required for App – home screen icon, optionally splash screens, etc. for iOS devices


Note: All mandatory resources are indicated (with *) in QuarkXPress dialogs, as required by Apple to build the iOS Apps.


How it works:

a. Design your digital/HTML5 publication using QuarkXPress. You can create multiple variants using new Adaptive scaling features described above.

b. Please ensure that the prerequisites listed above are ready to build the App. You should decide on App’s short name and long name.

c. Now, go to File>Export As and select iOS App…

d. Select a single or multiple layouts (if you have created more variants). Select the folder where you want to create/download iOS App files. Then, click on Continue.



e. Fill the App Details as examples given below – Short App Name, Home Screen icon are mandatory. Please note the icon size and format which is required by Apple.



f. Fill the iTunes Connect details – App Version, Apple ID and Bundle ID – all these are mandatory fields.



g. Attach certificates and provisioning profiles on below screen. The passwords are not mandatory, but you can choose to set the same when you create these certificates.



h. Following two screens are not mandatory, however, you can attach splash screen for your App. You must follow the format and size guidelines for the images you are attaching.



i. Click on the “Build” button at the bottom of the dialog and select a folder where you would like the Apps to be downloaded. Please note that your PC/Mac must be connected to Internet to proceed with the build process.

j. Give the consent to collect the fonts on export, when asked.

k. Build process consists of three steps.

i. It will first export HTML5 package to temporary folder and include all required App resources you have selected.

ii. Now, it will upload the package (zip archive) to the iOS App build server.

iii. The build process is Queued and App is built on the servers and .ipa files are downloaded to selected folder. Please note that it will build a test App and production App. The test app can be installed on your device using iTunes,

while the production App needs to be submitted to iTunes for App Store distribution.

l. If the build is queued, you can click on Run in Background. You should still see the build progress on bottom of QuarkXPress document/layout window.



m. On successful Build process, you will see following and click on to open the build location.



n. On build failure, you will see the following error shown on build process dialog. If you are running in background you can click on the status icon at the bottom of document

window to open the dialog again. You can click on See Details to see the errors.


You can double click on status icon below to open above dialog. The icon state will be different for build in progress and build successful.