Title: How can we change Quark Publishing Platform Client date format ?

 Applies to - Quark Publishing Platform Client, Quark XML Author and Quark Publishing Platform Web Client

Date formats displayed in Quark Desktop Client is governed by the Regional setting of the Client OS for the locale in which Platform Client is launched.We can also keep same date format for Quark Publishing Platform Client , Quark XML Author and Quark Publishing Platform Web Client. 


  1. Launch QPP client and check the Program language chosen for it.The format in the Region and Language dialog box should be same as that of QPP client. 
  2. Start > Control Panel > Region and Language.
  3. Click on Additional settings.
  4. Click on Date tab and set Short date and long date to yyyy-MM-dd (or desired date format).
  5. Click on Apply and then click OK
  6. Finally close Region and language pop up by clicking OK.
  7. Now launch QPP Client and verify date.