Background:  One of our customer's had faced an issue where while working on a smart document, he did a single undo and his last 2 hours of work was lost. So, we suggested the following workaround so that user can recover the last draft copy if it happens again.


Solution: While working on a smart document in Quark Author Web Edition, a draft copy of the document is constantly being saved after every 30 secs. One could also notice the text "Saved" being flashed at the bottom left corner of canvas as an indication. The document has to be saved at least once for this to work.


So, if for some reason user lose content, he could revert to the last saved draft copy by pressing the F5 key within 30 secs. If 30 secs appears to be a smaller time window, we could increase this interval to 1 minute. This would also mean that the auto save with happen after 1 minute.

The following parameter can be changed in the Platform Server file C:\> Program Files > Quark > Quark Publishing Platform > Server > webapps > workspace > WEB-INF > classes > Workspace-Config.xml to increase the interval.

<Add key="autoSaveInterval" value="30000"/>


Note: (Above value is in milliseconds)