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Background: This xtension is being used by one of Enterprise customer's Bell Litho. They were using it with QXPS Server version 9 and it was a 32-bit version and since QXPS Server 2016 is 64-bit, it was not working any longer. So, they requested us to provide an updated version of the xtension for QXPS 2016.


Purpose: This xtension can used to export XTag, RTF, Docx, html file formats of specified text from a QuarkXPress document similar to the way we do in it QuarkXPress. The updated version for QXPS Server 2016 is developed by Andrew Dyer from Professional Services.


How to use it:

1. Place the TextFilterSXT.xnt file in your QXPS Server > XTensions folder(C:\Program Files\Quark\QuarkXPress Server 2016\webapps\ROOT\QuarkXPressServer Renderer\XTensions)

2. Start QXPS Server.

3. Open browser and use the following requests:

- To know what all filters are supported use:


- For exporting a Word Document:


- For XTags :


- For RTF :


- For Plain Text:


- For HTML :



Note: The XTension 'TextFilterSXT.xnt' along with the QXP test project(pro1.qxp) is shared at:

\\tsesfs\Customer_Documents\Customers\US\Bell Litho\TextFilterSXT