Useful for:

  • Setting up a custom port configuration for QPS Server
  • Avoiding configuration errors when setting up QPS Server Port numbers

Best practices for QPS Server Port Configuration:

  • All QPS Server ports 61401-07 are configurable but cannot be “gathered” to run on single port, even by putting a proxy in the middle. This is because different QPS services run on different ports. For example, JMS Openwire notifications runs on 61401, TCP socket streaming (for file transfer operations) runs on 61404, etc.
  • If you want WebHub to be accessible from outside the network, you can change the QPS webserver port from 61400 to 80.
  • For web clients there is no need to open any other ports (61401-61407) for communication with QPS Server.
  • For QuarkXPress, QuarkCopyDesk and QPS Connect clients, it is necessary to open multiple ports: 61401, 61403, 61404, and 61405.