Applies to- QuarkXPress 2018, Mac only

Summary- OpenType fonts have been introduced over 17 years ago, offering designers a rich and sophisticated typographic repertoire. More and more users are using OpenType fonts instead of classical Type1 fonts and the advantages are obvious.


  • Click on the “O”-icon for Open Type features. 
  •  A new Open Type palette will show.
  • The Open Type palette will dynamically show the features available in the font; features not present will be omitted. This is currently supported on Mac only. 
  • A radio button (round button) indicates that OT functionality is exclusive, you need to decide for one feature.
  • A check box (square button) indicates that OT functionality is additional, you can add the functionality to the already applied functionality.
  • If you want to see all Open Type features, check the check box at the bottom of the palette.
  • The Open Type Styles palette is resizable vertically on Mac. 
  • A shortcut key – F4 has been assigned to invoke/ close Open Type Styles palette

  • In case the applied font doesn’t contain any Open Type features, a string ‘No Open Type features available’ will be displayed in the Open Type styles palette.
  • Edit Character Style Sheet dialog introduces “O”-icon which further opens Open Type Styles dialog highlighting available Open Type features for selected font. You can still select greyed out features when creating style sheets and same will get applied if you change the font later with the supported features. 
  • Find/Change is also enhanced with the enhanced Open Type dialog with all available features irrespective of font selection.
  • You can now apply more than one Stylistic Set simultaneously.
  •  Support for OT Chaining Contextual Statements.
  • Open Type Features in the Open Type palette also have a preview.
  • Stylistic Sets display with Descriptive Names if specified in the font.