Applies to- QuarkXPress 2018, Mac OS and Windows OS.

Summary- QuarkXPress 2018 supports Color font formats for SVG, SBIX and COLR and you can use them in Print, PDF and Digital outputs. Google's CBDT will not be supported as that currently just exists in Chrome on Android.


  • Just install a color font in one of the three supported formats in Mac OS or Windows.
  • If same color font is available in more than 1 more format on the system, then the one having the higher preference order will be enumerated in the font list. Preference order is: SVG, COLR, SBIX (where SVG has the highest preference, SBIX has the least preference)- Use it like any other font in QuarkXPress.
  •  Emoji glyphs and color font glyphs can be inserted from the Glyph palette. If emoji glyphs have multi code point value then the glyphs will be displayed as Unencoded glyphs but can inserted as a single glyph.