Applies to - QuarkXPress 2018 on Mac OS X and Windows.

Summary : Font listing is not cluttered anymore as Font Family and available Font Styles (Roman, Bold, etc.) are now listed in two separate combos.

Until QuarkXPress 2018, font styles of a font family were not separately accessible in the font menu on Windows. Only Plain, Bold, Italics, Bold Italics styles were accessible through type style control on Windows. On Mac, all font styles of a font family were made available in a separate subgroup in the font menu and font styles were displayed with their full names.

Solution : 

  • Every palette and dialogs where font listing is available now shows two separate combos for font family and font styles. Also, font styles are mapped to the type styles buttons P/B/ I in the palettes and dialogs
  • Both font families and font styles are now displayed with WYSIWYG font styling. The WYSIWYG styling can be turned off through Preferences dialog > Fonts. WYSIWYG font styling for font styles is only available on Mac.
  • Font styles for a font family are now sorted in the font style menu.
  • Since the font enumeration mechanism has been changed, please test application of fonts, verify font listing, test activation/deactivation of fonts, applying and removing of Bold/ Italics styling. Also, please verify opening legacy documents to check if fonts and styles are mapped correctly.