Applies to: QuarkXPress 2018 on Mac OS X and Windows.

Summary: In QuarkXPress 2018, we have added “CMYK Blending color space” feature. In this new release, we will have both RGB and CMYK Blending color spaces which was not available in previous versions of QuarkXPress.

How it works: 

To enable or switch between CMYK and RGB color spaces- 

1. Create two objects in layout overlapping each other.

2. Apply any blend mode to top object. When blend mode is applied to object or image, the default color space will automatically fall back to RGB blending color space, which is same in legacy (QuarkXPress 2017)

3. Now to switch to CMYK blending color space, go to “View menu > Select Proof Output > and Select “Composite CMYK” option. After selecting this option current spread will switch to CMYK blending color space.


1. To switch blending color space you must select “Proof Output” options either before or after applying the blend mode.

2. “None” and “Composite RGB” will renders in RGB blending color space

3. “Composite CMYK” and Composite CMYK and Spot” will renders in CMYK blending color space.

4. “Grayscale” and Grayscale 100K” will renders in Grayscale blending color space.

5. We don’t have any other controls to switch the Blending color spaces.

6. If user didn’t apply blend mode to any object in the spread, layout rendering will not convert to Blending color space and the “Proof output” will work as in legacy without Blending color space.