Summary- The entire curated document, particular pages, or individual objects can be added to the Clipboard.


  1. To add a particular page to the clipboard, expand the document tile and click the paperclip in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 
  2. To add all pages to the clipboard, hover over the document tile and click the paperclip icon.    

    Figure 1: (To add a particular page or all pages)


  3. To extract individual objects from a slide and add it to the Clipboard:    
    • Open a particular slide of a document by clicking the "Expand" button (arrows).      
    • Click on "Extract Objects" (scissors icon) at the top of the slide (extractable objects will be framed in orange).      
    • Select the objects to be added to the Clipboard (selected objects will be highlighted in green).       
    • Click on the paperclip icon in the upper right hand corner to add the objects to the Clipboard.    
      Figure 2: (To add individual objects to a Slide)