1. At the bottom of a document, click the "Share" button.        
  2. Click "Manage Access".      
  3. In a "Manage Access" window that is displayed, add users and teams, including organization, by selecting an existing user or organization from the drop-down, or typing a new user's email address. Optionally, you can do the following:                  
    • Manage access to everyone at your organization by selecting the Everyone at "Organization Name" option from the drop-down.      
    • Send notification emails to newly added users or teams (select the checkbox to send a notification email). Optionally, add a comment to the notification email.      
    • Remove added users and teams by clicking the X icon.             
  4. Click "Share".
    Note: A file may include more users if it has been shared through a topic. Click the topic link to view the related files.