Disable XTensions after program launch

  1. Launch QuarkXPress 2018.
  2. Navigate to  the Utilities Menu >> XTensions Manager >> and disable all at once as shown below. Kindly note that to disable specific XTensions, uncheck the Check mark in front of the XTension name.

Disable XTensions without opening the program

  1. [On Mac] Navigate to the Mac HD>> Users >> Current User >> Library >> Application Support >> Quark >> QuarkXPress 2018 >> Open the XTSettings.plist file in Text Edit as shown below.
    To disable all the Xtensions at once, change the highlighted <false/> tag to <true/> and save the file as shown below:
  2. Similarly, single XTension can be disabled by typing in false instead of true for that respective XTension user wants to disable.
  3. [On Windows] Navigate to the C Drive >> Program Files >> QuarkXPress 2018 >> XTensions >> Move single or all the XTensions to the XTensions Disabled Folder.