Applies to- Quark Publishing Platform

Background: By default, Full Text Search (FTS) is enabled in QPP. 


  1. Navigate to QPP Server > Conf folder
  2. Open  "” file in notepad.
  3. Keep the setting for the qxpsfilter.generateText= true.
  4. Set  qxpsfilter.generateDeconstructedXML as true.

A true value for qxpsfilter.generateDeconstructedXML also enables Full Text Search (FTS) for QuarkXPress projects and QuarkCopyDesk articles. Text generation is dependent on XML generation. If you set generateDeconstructedXML to false, Quark recommends also setting qxpsfilter.generateText to false.

The default setting for the qxpsfilter.generateText= entry is true. To disable FTS, set the entry to false.