1. If Client App is installed- It will try to open the supported document in a native application like Word, PPT, Excel.
  2. If the document being opened is from source Desktop, meaning synced via Client App and the path is available locally, then Open button will open the document from the local location without downloading it.
  3. If the document being opened is not from Desktop source or from Desktop source but not available locally, then the document will be downloaded in the background and the Docurated will try to open it in the native app like Word, PPT, etc. If it can’t open in the native app, it will just download the document into the Downloads folders. This also applies to Exchange synced content (Email Attachment type).
  4. If the Client App is not installed, it will try to download a document. It might require 2 Open button clicks for content to download. For an open button to work correctly, Client App should be installed.