To help our customers publish in popular Indic languages, the latest QuarkXPress 2018 (14.2) now offers native support for Indic Unicode fonts as well as embraces native OS features for keyboard input methods for Indian languages. It also supports analyzing and reordering characters as per Indic orthographic syllable boundaries; conjunct creation and glyph positioning; Hunspell library support for 11 Indian languages that offers Spell Checking and Hyphenation methods; Text Input & Deletion through keyboard, Copy & Paste and Import.

Following is the list of features supported:

  • Text and Typography support

Quark now offers core text and typography features in QuarkXPress 2018 (14.2) to enable Indian publishers to build and publish documents in various Indian languages that support Unicode fonts. QuarkXPress supports the latest Unicode, ICU and Harfbuzz libraries. QuarkXPress 2018 (14.2) provides support for 11 popular Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Odia, Gujarati, Marathi, and Assamese

  • Support for Indic Unicode Fonts
    QuarkXPress 2018 (14.2) offers support for all Indic Unicode fonts. Users can obtain Indic Unicode Fonts from font vendors like any other fonts (Latin script fonts) without having to use special third party XTensions to support keyboard mapping and other Indic language features.

  • Integration with Input Method Editors (IMEs)
    QuarkXPress 2018 (14.2) supports all the default Input Method Editors (IMEs) for different Indian languages on both Win and Mac. It also supports the Input Methods offered by different vendors.

  • OpenType features

QuarkXPress 2018 (14.2) supports OpenType features used by Indic scripts, namely:

'nukt':    Nukta form substitution

'akhn':    Akhand form substitution

'rphf':     Reph glyph form substitution

'rkrf':      Rakaar form substitution

'blwf’:    Below-base form substitution

'half':      Half form substitution

'vatu':    Vattu variant substitution

'cjct':      Conjunct form substitution

'pres':     Pre-base substitution

'abvs':    Above-base substitution

'blws':    Below-base substitution

'psts':     Post-base substitution

'haln':     Halant form substitution

'abvm':  Above-base marks positioning

'blwm':  Below-base marks positioning

These OpenType features are enabled by default for Indic scripts. On inputting Indic text, OpenType glyph substitution and glyph positioning changes occur automatically to allow glyph reordering and conjunct creation. There is no separate UI to view/ customize these OpenType features.

  • Kerning/ Tracking

QuarkXPress 2018 (14.2) supports syllable-based Kerning/ Tracking for Indic text

                                                                        Kerning in Indic language

Tracking in Indic language


  • Digital Publishing

With the native Unicode fonts support, users can now publish Indic text to HTML using the digital layout capabilities within QuarkXPress 2018 (14.2). The digital formats include eBooks, HTML5 Publications and iOS, Android and App Studio Apps.

Other supported features are: