Applies to: QuarkXPress 2017 & 2018

You can now simply select “Fit Box to Text” to fit box to the text vertically when space is available in the text box or when there is a text overflow in a text box.

If the text you have entered does not fit in the text box, the overflow symbol displays. Automatically adjust the box size to fit the text by choosing Fit Box to Text from the context menu (or Item menu). The Fit Box to Text feature works on any shape or size of text box. 

This feature is not available on locked boxes or when the proportion of the box is locked.

The Fit Box to Text feature can be used for boxes which have overflow or underflow.

The Fit Box to Text feature can be used for all kinds of text boxes, including linked boxes, multi-column boxes, rotated boxes. It will work on text that has various attributes applied to as well as text containing footnotes and endnotes.