Applies to: QuarkXPress 2018 & 2017

You can edit imported raster images right in QuarkXPress. The options that are enabled depend on the color mode of the image. For instance, Invert will only be available for 1 Bit images.

To edit the raster image of the imported picture in QuarkXPress:

  1. Select the image you want to edit.

  2. Display the Image Editing palette (Window > Image Editing).

  3. Edit the image using the controls on the palette. As you apply effects to the selected image, you will see the effects immediately in the layout. The effects you have applied to the image will be listed on the palette. You can rearrange the order in which the effects are applied (on Windows by dragging them into position and on Mac OS using the up/down arrows next to the applied effects) as well as delete any you do not want.

Once you have specifed the effects for the selected picture, you can copy the set of attributes and apply them to other images.

You can access the image editing abilities by choosing Style > Image Editing or by right-clicking the image and choosing Image Editingfrom the context menu.