Applies to: QuarkXPress 2018

There are different way in which you can import elements and pages from an InDesign document into a QuarkXPress layout and make them editable. We list a few easy and useful methods below:

  • Via Copy and Paste
  1. Open your document InDesign >> select “selection tool” >> Go to “Edit” then select all >> Again go to “Edit” and click copy.
  2. Go to File >> Document setup >> Note down Page details like Margin/Page size etc.
  3. Now Open QuarkXPress 2018 >> Go to File menu>> Projects >> Mention the same layout identical to your InDesign document.
  4. After the new document is opened, go to “Edit” >> Paste as native objects >> It will give a prompt just Click OK >> It will import the identical InDesign file into QuarkXPress.

  • Via PDF Document
  1. Open your document InDesign >> Go to File >> Select Adobe PDF prefers >> save the file.
  2. Open QuarkXPress 2018 >> go to file >> choose Import >> Select IDML file >> It will open the file. In order to edit the file >> right click on the Image >> Click on “convert to native objects” >> Click OK. 

  • Via Import IDML file
  1. Open QuarkXPress 2018 >> Choose “New > Project from IDML”> Select the IDML file in the file system.
  2. Once the file is open in QuarkXPress, you can edit and save it as a QuarkXPress 2018 document.