Background: As long as if Admin is logged on to the QLA server, users are able to launch QuarkXPress. In case Admin user logs off from the QLA server machine and when user try to launch QuarkXPress it throws following error:

  • Unable to locate the QLA server, Click ok to use your emergency key or click cancel to exit. Or,
  • Cannot connect to Quark License Administrator, the server is not responding.

How To ensure that QLA server is available without requiring the need of Admin user to be logged on to the server?

Solution :

  1. Install QLA Server as "service". This way it will keep running invisibly even if no user is logged in. In case you did not check the option to install as service during installation, you will have to re-install QLA and make sure that it is installed as service.
  2. Please click on the link below and download the installer for QLA 4.6 of down here. 

  (Direct download and Install) or (login and download)


    For Installation steps, refer below link :


  3. After the re-installation kindly ensure to restart your machine since the service will be launched on first restart.

      If in case Issue still persist then perform the following steps :

  1.  Start -> Run -> services.msc.
  2. Check the status of "Quark License Administrator Server 4.5" service.
  3. Please start it if not already started.
  4. Logoff from the server and then try to login again.
  5. You do not need to restart the machine this time if you are able to start the service, You may simply log off once you set the service to "Started".