By default, Quark XML Author document gives preference to editing language which is set in template.dotx file. If we remove the Language attribute from template.dotx then the document content would have editing language of Word which is set at File > Options > Editing Language (Set as default). The default editing language (gets embedded in Document’s Normal style sheet) which gets carried forward with the XML Author document and does not change when Quark XML Author document is opened in different deployment with different default editing language.


To set default language for a document in Quark XML Author, follow the below steps:

Step: 1

  1. Open template.docx file (located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Quark\Quark XML Author\en\BUSDOCS) in a package editor (for example oXygen), or you can rename the template to .zip and extract the file you want to change.

  2. Open word > styles.xml

       3. Remove the following language attribute from the file “template.dotx”. This change will make sure that proofing language of Quark XML Author document will be default proofing language of Word.


Step: 2

  • Make the docx feature ON in document configuration file. This change will make sure that current proofing language of author will be saved with the document and will remain same when editor or any other user will open this document.


Note: The Docx support is enabled by default in the Quark XML Author adapter for Platform (BUSDOCS) configuration. This feature is not available in the standalone version of Quark XML Author as it requires Quark Publishing Platform.