Applies to: MAC OS , QuarkXPress Version: 14.2.1


If fresh Installed copy of QuarkXPress 2018 is not launching and within Quark Crash logs we are getting below error details:

1. [1708/0x7fff8d07d380] [ERROR] -[DownloadAction stopWithError:description:] Failed to download Server.plist.

2. [1230/0x7fff8d09d380] [ERROR] BASDiagnoseFailure Plist is not present.

To Fetch Error Logs report manually since it will not be generated automatically in above scenario:

1. Click on Finder window
2. Select GO > Hold down the option key (keep it pressed) > Choose Library > Logs > Diagnostics-reports
3. You will find the crash logs in this folder.

To overcome the Quark Launch Issue, we need to Remove all Quark files/folder from the following location:

1. MAC HDD > Application Folder > QuarkXPress 2018 > Move to Trash

2. Go to MAC HDD > Library (Main) >Preferences > Quark Folder >> QuarkXPress 2018

3. MAC HDD > Library > Application Support > Quark folder   >> QuarkXPress 2018 

4. Click on Go > Press and hold option key + select Library (User Library) > Preferences > Quark Folder  >> QuarkXPress 2018. 

5. Click on Go > Press and hold option key + select Library (User Library) > Application support > Quark folder  >> QuarkXPress 2018.

After removing QuarkXPress 2018, download a Installer using direct link: 

Direct download link (MAC) :

Installation Steps (MAC) : 

Once "Set-Up assistant" wizard is complete, You can follow below steps to activate QuarkXPress:
Your system must be connected to the Internet to complete the activation process.
1. Launch QuarkXPress.
2. The Application prompts for Activation, click on Activate Now.
3. After Activate Now, It takes to Automatic Activation window.
4. It also shows the button to select Other Activation Options. Ignore this and click Continue.
5. The Activation Process will take 1 minute (approx.) to connect to the server and get the activation.