You can use Custom Bleeds to create bleeds when printing, saving a page as an EPS file, exporting a layout as a PDF file. The procedure is similar for all of these output options, but some bleed options are only available for certain output methods.

1) Print: The Bleed Type drop-down menu is in the Bleeds pane of the Print dialog box.

2)EPS: The Bleed Type drop-down menu is in the Export as EPS>Options dialog box. When you save a page as an EPS file, the Page Items and Clip at Bleed Edge options are not available. This is because these options create a bounding box that includes any item extending off the page. This could result in a different bounding box for every page in a layout, which could lead to inaccurate output.

3)PDF: The Bleed Type drop-down menu is in the Export as PDF>options dialog box.