Applies to: Quark XML Author 6.x


Attribute allowedNumberingSchemes  can be used in the footnote emphasis definition to specifies the allowed numbering formats that can be used for Footnote items.
Possible values are: arabic, bigAlpha, smallAlpha, bigRoman, smallRoman 

Multiple values are supported, use spaces to separate them.


To configure Quark XML Author to use Arabic numbering in footnote instead of Roman numerals, follow below steps:

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Quark\Quark XML Author\en\BUSDOCS

  2. Open busdocs.xas in notepad ++.

  3. Find <EmphasisDef name="fn" friendly="Footnote">

  4. Set attribute allowedNumberingSchemes="arabic" 

  5. Save the file.