In order to use any third-party library or framework, we have to add their JAR files in the classpath, to compile and run our Java programs. Java project (QPP) requires JAR libraries to function, we configure project to include the libraries in its build path.  


To add JAR files to Eclipse for Quark Publishing Platform, follow below steps:

  1. Select QPPServer project. Right click and select the properties
  2. Go to 'Java Build Path' -> 'Source'
  3. Add folders  QPPServer/QPP_HOME/conf     QPPServer/QPP_HOME/ext      QPPServer/QPP_HOME/publishing 

  4. Include all libraries that are available under QPP_HOME in your project (In Java build path under Libraries tab). Use jars from 'dependencies' and 'lib' folder. 

    5. Make sure all jars are marked for export under Order and Export Tab