Title: How to perform Font isolation on Mac?

Applies to-  QuarkXPress 2016, 2017 & 2018 on Mac OS Sierra, High Sierra & Mojave

 Summary: When QuarkXPress crashes and the crash report shows Font Management related error then we need to do Font Isolation to take out the corrupt fonts which conflicts with the software to launch.

Solution 1:

In order to locate the problematic font, please perform the below mentioned steps:

  1. Create new folder on the desktop and name it FontsBackup
  2. Navigate to Mac HD > Library > Fonts
  3. Move all the to FontsBackup folder on desktop
  4. Try to launch QuarkXPress and check the behavior
  5. If QuarkXPress launches fine quickly then move first 20 fonts from FontsBackup folder to Mac HD > Library > Fonts
  6.  Launch QuarkXPress and see if the problem still persists
  7. If it works fine, then move another 20 fonts from FontsBackup folder to Fonts folder (Mac HD > Library)
  8. Continue the same process until you find the culprit font or culprit set of fonts.
  9. Relaunch QuarkXPress every time to check the successful launch of QuarkXPress after every move of fonts to Fonts folder.
  10. If QuarkXPress does not launch even after moving the fonts from Mac HD > Library > Fonts to FontsBackup folder then perform the same font isolation procedure with the fonts available at Mac HD > Users > Current User folder > Library > Fonts

Solution 2:

  1. Quit QuarkXPress
  2. Launch ‘Font Book’ under applications.
  3. Select all fonts.
  4. Go to File > Validate Fonts. 
  5. After Fonts are validated, in the Font Validation window ,there is drop down at the left top corner from where you need to choose Errors option. It will show all the corrupt fonts on the system. 
  6. When you bring your mouse over the name of the font it will show you the location of the font and you can keep these fonts into a new folder on the desktop and name it as Corrupt fonts. 
  7. We do not recommend to delete the fonts however you can contact the computer manufacturer who will suggest you a better solution of what to do next,.