The steps to install QuarkXPress 2019 on Mac OS are as follow:

1. Download the QuarkXPress 2019  installer from 

2. Go to your Downloads folder and open the downloaded installer package by double clicking on the QuarkXPress 2019.dmg file.

3. Drag and Drop the QuarkXPress 2019 icon on the Applications folder to install the software (as shown in Figure 1) and you'll see the files start copying to the application folder( as shown in Figure 2)

 (Figure 1)

                                 (Figure 2)

4. Once the copying finishes. Go to Applications and launch the QuarkXPress 2019 to complete the installation process.

5. On the QuarkXPress Setup Assistant dialog window, click Continue

6. Scroll down to read the license agreement and then click "Continue"

7. You will get License Agreement prompt, click on "Agree"

8. Choose the installation type as Full Install/Upgrade and enter your validation code.

 9. Enter the User Information and click Continue.

10. Click Continue on the next screen.

11. It will ask for your SYSTEM login/password to proceed further.

12. It will start "configuring" the application on your Machine.

13. Now, click Continue to complete the installation.

14. After completing the Installation you will get the Activation screen:

Your system must be connected to the Internet to complete the activation process.
1. Launch QuarkXPress.
2. The Application prompts for Activation, click on Activate Now.
3. It open the Automatic Activation window.
4. It also shows the button to select Other Activation Options. Ignore this and click Continue.
5. The Activation Process will take 1 minute (approx.) to connect to the server and complete the activation.