A new feature has been added to QuarkXPress 2019 is the ability to define the position of page elements using different reference points, e.g. change the reference point to the lower right corner instead of using top left corner as default.

When you resize a box using width and height settings on the measurement palette, it always grows to the right and bottom of the page. The new Box Reference Point option in the measurement palette will allow you to change reference point for all the nine points referred which include a center point.

How it works
  • On the measurement palette, you can select any of 9-reference points as indicated

  • Once you set a Box Reference Point, all boxes in that particular layout will work with respect to the selected reference point. On creating a new project, the reference point will be reset to the 'Top Left'.

  • Previously, when you rotated any object either manually or by using a mouse, the object rotated from the center. In QuarkXPress 2019, the box will rotate from the selected Box Reference Point.