QuarkXPress 2019 introduces support for spring loading of images and text on the cursor. You can now import or drag and drop multiple images, text files or text and images as a mixed mode in one go onto the cursor and populate either to existing boxes on the layout or by creating new boxes through a mouse click. 

How it works
  • In the import dialog, you can select multiple images or text or combination of images and text files to import.

  • The file selected will be loaded onto cursor with the thumbnail preview and with the counter allowing you to click through on document page to place them as desired.

  • You can import to an existing box or click in an empty area to get a box created automatically.

  • You can also drag and drop files onto document canvas to spring load the files onto the cursor.

  • You can replace the image/text by pressing the Command+Shift or Ctrl+Shift and click on the box.

  • You can cycle through the images/text by using the arrow keys in the keyboard.

  • The user may add the new story in an already composed text by using Cmd+Shift or Ctrl+Shift key and press in between the story, the story will flow from the clicked location.

  • User may add more item to spring-loaded item by selecting multiple files again in the import dialog.

  • The different spring-loaded cursor for different layout or project.

  • The text box width would be margin to margin when clicking on the layout to drop the text files.

  • When the user drops into an empty picture/text box, it will create a new box on top of the above-created box and image/text will be placed in it.

  • When the user drops the image into other box types (none/text), it will create a new box and place the text/image in the newly created box.

  • When the user drops onto a box already having content, it will not replace the existing content.

  • User can cancel the spring loading of items by using the Escape key.

  • You can undo and redo the spring loading of images and text.