In QuarkXPress 2019, the Export as Image feature has been enhanced. Now QuarkXPress 2019 allows defining presets for exporting as image; and pushes image export to a new limit: High-quality, color-managed image export for print and digital use, allows marketeers and web designers to create stunning images in JPEG, TIFF and PNG and PDF (Raster) formats that resemble the quality of QuarkXPress layouts. 

How it works
  • Export as an image now includes PDF raster in addition to JPEG, TIFF and PNG formats

  • You will see a renamed menu item under File > Export As Image > JPEG/PNG/TIFF…

  • When you select the export option, you will be presented with a new dialog with additional export options.

  • The new export options include embedding color profile (which is defined in the source setup for RGB)

  • Underlying image export filters are enhanced to set the correct resolution/PPI settings.

  • You can now save Image Export Styles for reuse (in Output Styles)

  • You can assign bleed for the image export (symmetric and asymmetric)

  • You can open the exported image once the export is completed in the default application defined at the OS level.

  • Export Settings will be retained on the layout after save and reopen which was not working in legacy versions.

  • Transparent background export option is available for PNG and PDF.